Friday, October 26, 2007

Left a little late

I escaped from home at about quarter-to-six this morning, at least 5 minutes later than I wanted. It was a good 10 degrees warmer than yesterday morning, so I ditched the windbreaker and used my long-sleeve shirt. Unfortunately, it didn't keep my arms warm at all, but otherwise the ride in was pretty comfortable. The road was moist for some reason this morning, but it wasn't raining when I was riding, and the moisture was thin and sparse enough to keep my bike from throwing water onto me.

For the most part, I took my time getting downtown. A train at 67th forced me to use the trail instead of riding on Carter to get to Merriam Lane.

I saw a few other cyclists on the road this morning. Karen was out, and right after I left home, I saw this guy who rides the sidewalk with a bright LED light pointed down right in front of his bike. I see him on occasion. Downtown, there were a few more including Lorin and JR, who gave me hell for showing up late. I just didn't have the energy this morning to push it hard.

Yesterday was my first full round-trip in a few weeks, and I wouldn't have thought it would be so bad, but my sit bones actually hurt the whole way in this morning. It seems that riding just a few miles per day isn't enough to keep you from getting saddle butt. I only put in about 30 miles yesterday but today, I hurt just as bad as I did after my century-day back at the end of August. Really, I didn't hurt that bad afterward, but the fact that I hurt at all after just 30 miles tells me that I really need to get myself back into gear.

Random Tunage:
Sunscreem - Love U More
4 Strings - Let It Rain

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