Monday, October 22, 2007

Finally got to stretch my legs a bit

After riding home and getting some supper, I tossed the Outlook onto the back of the Explorer and took off for the Recovery ride. My schedule was too tight this evening to ride all the way there, and I showed up just in time to start riding. This is my first time riding with this group at the new location in Overland Park, and it offered some nice routes. Some that I've ridden on, and some that I hadn't before.

Overall, it was a great, fun ride. Mark's wife, Theresa, and one of the cyclocross guys (I think it was Russ) took off in a decent-paced sprint toward the end of the ride. The recumbent rider tried to follow suit, and I took off like a bat out of hell for a moment, chasing Russ and Theresa. I don't think they were at 100% effort, because there's no way I should be able to catch either of them if they're really pushing. It was kind of fun, though. I'm always the oddball in the group. I'm always wearing plain clothes and I rarely use my road bike for these rides. The 'bent rider gave me a run for my money on the Fred factor.

If it stays decent out overnight, I'll probably try to ride the whole way in on the Outlook in the morning. It's hard telling what will happen, though.

Random Tunage:
Bloc Party - I still remember
Nine Inch Nails - God Given

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