Monday, October 08, 2007

Bacon? Check. Eggs? Check. GO! GO! GO!

I was already planning on catching the Express bus with the looming threat of rain last night. My usual wakey-time of 5:00 would afford me the luxury of a proper hot breakfast this morning. My wife jostled me from my sleep a little after 5:30. My alarm hadn't gone off because I'd forgotten to alter the time. My plans to cook some breakfast before work had been nearly foiled.

With less than 20 minutes to prepare, we jumped up and got on it. Together, we managed to still get some eggs, bacon and toast thrown together. Hurried and half-dressed, I slid some (accidentally) over-medium eggs down my gullet and threw some more eggs into the pan for my wife while the bacon continued sizzling on the griddle.

I made my final preparations, then hauled my steed out the door, still chewing pieces of bacon. Mother nature tried to wash it down with rainwater and road grime on my way to the bus stop. I paid the thunderous skies no attention, my body pensively and mindlessly hammering away at the platforms on my mountain bike. I barely remember the trip to the bus. I was in the zone and my brain just along for the ride.

On final approach, I saw another single headlight through the abating precipitation. Looks like Lorin got a late start as well. The usual bus-riding crowd was rather sparse today. I know there are a few bankers (or other workers in the bank industry) on the bus, but I guess Columbus day gave quite a few people a day off. Not I.

I zipped over to Starbucks for some quick coffee, then came in to work, drenched in murky water. While changing, I wrung my athletic socks out into the sink only to be greeted with a faint, cloudy gray liquid. I can only assume that the rest of my apparel is soaked with the same stuff. Thankfully, a full array of warm, dry clothing awaited me within a waterproof bag in my backpack.

Random Tunage:
Donna Summer - I feel love (remix of some unknown origin)
Sarah Brightman - Snow on the Sahara (cover of Snow on the Sahara by Anggun that's better than the original, IMHO)

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