Tuesday, September 18, 2007


A rain storm snuck towards KC while I was at work. By the time the bus got back to the mall, it was pouring cats and dogs! I took Quivira home and used the pedestrian walkway to get across I-35. It has an interesting zig-zag ramp to get down on the west side. I hung out in the ramp for a while until the rain simmered down a little, and snapped a few pics with my camera phone. Here they are for you to laugh at.

When I got home, I was completely soaked through. It's amazing my macbook didn't drown in my bookbag, but I've had really, really good luck with it keeping my laptop dry in pretty much any kind of rain.

Oh yeah! I finally picked up another cyclo-computer. I got the Trek Incite 11i which has temperature and cadence functions. I slapped it on the road bike and moved the Incite 6i's bracket over to the Sorrento. The Incite computers are interchangeable, to the 11i will work on all of my bikes, it just won't show my cadence unless I have it on my Trek 1200. It also has multiple wheel diameter settings, so it's a breeze to move it between my bikes without re-calibrating it.

I also got the 15W bulb for my NiteRider. No more weak-ass dimly-lit commutes. That puny 5W light isn't cutting it with as dark as it's staying in the mornings.

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