Wednesday, September 12, 2007

If one more person asks...

If one more person asks me if I'm racing in the Tour of Missouri, I am going to lose it. For real.

I should probably just ask the next person who queries me on the subject, but I honestly hope no one approaches me with this question ever again. Do they think it's an event open to just anyone? Do they understand it's a pro-level race and they think they're being cute or original by asking me? I'm not sure.

Thus far, my response has been another (hopefully rhetorical) question of "Do you take your car out to Kansas Speedway and race the professionals whenever NASCAR is in town?!"

The question started popping up a few weeks ago. It was about once a week. Yesterday and today, though, I've gotten the question probably 20 times, sometimes with only seconds between them. This morning in the elevator lobby, a guy (who asked me if I was riding in the ToM YESTERDAY in the elevator) asked if I rode my bike today. I held up my helmet. The guy next to him asked if I am riding in the ToM. The guy who asked yesterday thankfully answered for me with a nicer reply than I would have given. "No, he doesn't race."

So, we shuffle into the elevator. In walks a guy who I work with, who asked "Aren't you going to be in that bike race thing?" Okay... He obviously wasn't in the lobby 20 seconds ago. Ugh.

Not everyone with a car is a race car driver (although quite a few people think they are). Not everyone with feet is a marathon runner. Not everyone with a bicycle is a pro-level racer (although many of them dress up like they are so they can ride to starbucks).

At least I rode to Starbucks today in my WORK CLOTHES. Haha. That's only because I don't have a swanky team jersey for some racing team that I'm not even on. Think Slipsteam will take me? I'm not a doper! I think I really need to accentuate my massive gut and glutes with some tight-fitting team gear. Then I'd be really, really fast on my way to get my morning coffee. I mean Lance fast. Yeah!

Anyhow, I'm done ranting about that. I felt like absolute CRAP yesterday, and it didn't get much better overnight, despite the fact that I got about 7 hours of sleepy time. Taking the bus is becoming the rule rather than the exception lately. So far this month I've had 8 one-way bike/bus trips and three one-way trips totally by bike. I really hate the bus, but something is happening with my sinus infection (I think) and it's not letting up. It's working its way down my throat now. I probably shouldn't have even come in to work today, but I did. I threw on my work clothes and rode to the express bus, then I hit Starbucks with Lorin on my way to work. I saw JR's Trek 730 outside again. Lorin and I debated operating systems (Windows vs. OS X vs. BSD vs. Linux) and enterprise IT philosophy over coffee for about half an hour then decided to get to work. We're nerds.

Random Tunage:
Nine Inch Nails - Into the void
Nine Inch Nails - Sanctified

I swear, my random playlist played two NiN tracks back to back! It should come as no surprise, though. My 5-star playlist is about 750 songs, and almost 90 of those are are 'Nails tracks and/or remixes. Maybe a few repeats.


Doug said...

During the TDF a co-worker asked me why I wasn't riding in that race in France. I explained 1)I don't race and 2) I'm a little past my prime. Her reply was, "Oh you should do it, what with all the riding you do you'd do great". I politely thanked her and found a reason to excuse myself.

Anonymous said...

This situation doesn't surprise me; this is part of riding a bike all the time (hobby, passion, commute, whateva)... I've been asked if I dope when I ride, the same question you got asked, how do I keep my butt from hurting on that little saddle, having people going to church flip me off for giving them some extra space to make a left get the idea.

Just consider it an opportunity to inform them about cycling and preach the gospel of 2-wheeled joy....hehe.

I was a volunteer for the ToM yesterday and it was great to tell spectators what was going on, when the finish would happen, etc.

You're already a great bike evangelist with this blog and the ToM is out of town now so maybe things will calm down.

Also get some recovery time in and get well, buddy :)

Anonymous said...

I think I really need to accentuate my massive gut and glutes with some tight-fitting team gear. Then I'd be really, really fast on my way to get my morning coffee.

Hahaha, thanks, I needed that laugh today.

I would have told them, that yes, I'm riding in the race, but in the 3 wheeler division.

Anonymous said...

Geez! I feel almost offended that no one has asked me if I'M riding in the ToM. :-)

Anonymous said...

not trying to be rude, what? tell them what's going on. the frustration i've see from most folks is not knowing about the race. once they found out about it, they were really excited.

yesterday was a great day--people left their offices in droves to watch it.

Noah said...

You don't seem to understand.

I'm not even joking when I tell you that I got asked the question on average EVERY TWENTY MINUTES yesterday while I was at work. About 20 times over the course of my 8-hour workday.

Then, right before I made this blog post, I was asked the same thing twice in under one minute.

You'd rant, too.

Anonymous said...

you need to be more anti-social at work so people stop talking to you. ;^)

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh the price of being a famous bike commuter :)

Warren T said...

Tell them you were disqualified due to massive steroid use. Then glare at them...

Scott said...

My response has been that I was holding out for more money. :)

Noah said...

Okay, that's definitely a keeper. Thank goodness the week is almost over. And I think everyone on my floor finally has gotten around to asking me, so the inquisition might be gone... for now!

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