Thursday, September 13, 2007

3,000 miles

I forgot to mention, I cleared 3,000 miles for the year on my way down Broadway this evening. Over 2,000 of those miles have been on my Trek. I should probably have the chain checked soon. I've heard some people say every 1,000 miles, and others say they go 4,000 or more.

I'm a fan of the ruler method. A whole chain segment (2 "links") is exactly, almost precisely an inch long, or half an inch between rivets. If you line a good steel ruler up to the apex of a rivet, then all the other rivets should be extremely close to landing on half-inch or whole-inch marks all the way down the ruler. Measuring 23 links, the rivet whould line up perfectly with the 11 1/2" mark on a new chain.

If the chain is worn say .006" per link (six one thousandths of an inch), it would be impossible to tell by the naked eye. Measuring nearly a foot of chain, that .006" per link would be amplified 23 times. The rivet that should line up with 11 1/2" would be visibly past the 11 5/8" mark. At that point, damage is probably occurring to the cassette, so hopefully you catch it before it goes that far out of whack!

I keep my chain clean and well lubricated, so I'm hoping that my chain is still in good shape, or at least in "borderline" shape and not causing any harm. I just don't have time to check it tonight.


Chuong Doan said...

Dude, you said 'lubricated.'

Apertome said...

Congrats on hitting 3,000 miles! And thanks for the reminder to check chain wear -- I need to do so on my bicycle.

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