Monday, August 20, 2007

Wonder what it feels like in a crock pot?

If so, come to Kansas City this week. You'll get slow cooked by steam!

Let's see... The Outlook made it back in one piece and I'm getting more accustomed to the heat. 44 ounces of fluids (barely) got me back home from downtown. This was complicated a bit as the Outlook only has one bottle cage and no eyelets for another one. Sure, there are behind-the-seat ones, clamp-on ones, handlebar cup-holders, and a multi-colored array of things that I could use to increase my fluid carrying capacity. I just used my backpack for the other bottle.

There was no stopping for shade this time, either. I rode straight through and made pretty good time considering the fact that I was intentionally holding back a bit to stay safe.

I had to come home for a bit first, but when I was on my way out the door to the Monday ride, I noticed my Outlook's rear tire was squishy. Very squishy. I came in and quickly switched the lighting onto the Trek, then took off.

Tonight there were FIVE flat tires within about 10 miles of riding. My front tire was one of the victims claimed. So yes, I had another two-flat day. Oh well. The Trek is fixed up and ready to go tomorrow. I will work on the outlook tomorrow evening. It's time for bed in a little bit.

A note on the commuter convoy. I've been doing some networking. Mark Thomas from LocalCycling not only linked to the Commuter Convoy page, but he might be helping me add a few twists to the convoy. Similarly, if you'd like to make some suggestions, please contact me with the form on the right (down a ways, too!). Let me know if a different day or time would work better, if you'd like to meet somewhere further north or south along the way, or if you'd like to meet up at a convenience store or coffeehouse to get a kick before you hit the road. All of these are options I'm open to. I ride to work pretty much every single day, and I'll ride with YOU (*YES, YOU!*) any day of the work week as long as I can get to work on time. I'm also meeting with Bridging The Gap's new director of the Clean Commute program later this week and perhaps we'll brainstorm a little bit.

I'll see ya on the road!

Random Tunage:
Way Out West - Don't forget me (w.o.w. dust biter remix)
B-Movie ft. Koishii & Hush - Nowhere girl (club mix)

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