Monday, August 06, 2007


I left for work this morning right on time and was greeted with a flash of lightning to the north within the first mile of my trip. A few more followed it over the next 10 minutes or do, but then it subsided. I was beginning to get a little bit worried. Between the sunrise getting later and later, and the partially overcast sky, it was dark for the first half of my trip. I broke out the lime reflective vest this morning, and it'll probably stay for the rest of the year.

I was scooting along as a pretty good clip this morning. Before beginning the moderate climb between Chavez and Baltimore, I was at an as-of-yet unheard of 18.7 MPH average. It was down to 18.3 by the time I started the slog, but I only dropped to 17.3 on the rest of the climb. Usually, I'm at about 14.9-15.5 average by the time I stop for coffee.

I'm sweating to prove it and It's really muggy this morning to top it off.

Random Tunage:
Binary Finary - 1999
Fun Factory - Close To You

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