Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weekend riding: Trails and Church

So much for a day off the bike to recover! Actually, yesterday's riding was at a pretty relaxed pace. After Sefauna got off work, we grabbed breakfast and took to Turkey Creek Trail. She works graveyards, so breakfast was in the dark, and it was barely daybreak upon hitting the trail. For the first time ever, we rode Turkey Creek Trail end-to-end. We continued back to the farmer's market. She racked up about 5 miles yesterday which is the most riding she's done at once and not a bad run of things for only riding occasionally. She's doing really well! We might go back out tonight after things cool off a bit... If they cool off a bit.

Today, I decided to take my bike to church. I haven't ridden there since I moved. It used to be about 7 miles round trip, now it's twice the distance. I'm running all of the church technology this week and next (lights, sound, video), so I threw the panniers on and carried the church laptop on the bike. The heat index was already 90 degrees by the time I showed up to church and 101 degrees (92 Ambient) by the time I got home a little after noon. It's getting warmer by the hour, too.

Anyhow, off to clean the bike for tomorrow's commute!

Random Tunage:
Probspot - Blueberry
Sutro Ft. Tyler Stone - Affected (Honeycut Mix)

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