Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Outlook is back in action

This ain't no hybrid-zilla! This is a lean machine! Honestly, this is about as minimal as I get. Lights, reflectors, a spare tube and a bottle cage.

The plan is to ride to the bus tomorrow morning. My legs are tired; I am tired. Recovery is needed.

I tore the bottom bracket apart. As I suspected, the non-drive crank was a bit loose but the BB itself was also in need of some attention. I cleaned and polished it up, re-greased it and re-assembled. The mile-long shakedown run was on the bike as pictured below. It's so ridiculously nimble in this form that I'd almost call it twitchy. The cranks are tight, the bottom bracket is smooth as butter, and the bike has been freed of it's rack, the panniers, and the handlebar bag. No frills tomorrow, folks!

Random Tunage
Blues Traveler - Hook
Laurent Wolf - Happy TV

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