Monday, August 27, 2007

More fun this weekend and a nice trip to work

Last night, my wife and I tried going the other direction on the same trail we used Saturday morning. We ran into a hill that my wife wasn't quite up to tackling on her little three-speed Townie. I don't blame her. The granny gear is great for taking off from a start and someone like me could use it to mash up a hill in a pinch. It's definitely not made for casual recreational riders to be death-slogging 5% climbs, though. We turned around and went the same way we went last time, except we made a loop around some of the Mill Creek swamp land instead of riding all the way to 75th or so. We rode a little further than we did Saturday, sneaking in about 8 and a half miles together total for the weekend.

We finished off the evening at the pool and hot tub to relax and hang out. Some silly teenagers whining amongst themselves in our presence about some of their "huge" problems in the hot tub kind of killed the mood. These kids were probably fresh out of high school from the sounds of it. Still obsessed with their old classmates, their old schools, and their current state of drama in their friendships -- there was much wringing of hands and biting of nails over such trivial matters as who doesn't like whom, how attention should be divied up between a significant other and your friends while at social gatherings and other such childish riddles of life. I must say by the time I was out of high school I was a little more concerned with how to kick off my career and become a functional adult that could care for the family I was preparing to build. Oh well.

Anyhow, after the pool we grabbed some supper and passed out on the bed for about an hour. Then I decided it would probably be a good idea to make sure everything was locked up, bring my wife's bike in, get the rest of the bedding out of the dryer and make the bed properly before actually retiring for a 4-and-a-half hour nap.

I was more than a little bushed when I woke up this morning. I hit the snooze twice, got out onto the road a little later than usual, hammered the hell out of the first 1/3 of my trip then decided it was stupid to do that. I strolled the rest of the way in at a moderate pace. I ran into Lorin when I got coffee. I saw a girl pull up on a beach cruiser with a basket on front that tried to take her bike into City Center Square. That didn't work too well, security put the kibosh on that, much like they did with me. Must be new to the area. Several other cyclists were out today, too. It was a pretty nice morning despite being really humid from the precipitation late last week.

I am probably taking the bus partway home tonight. I'm going on the Monday night ride at the Trek Store. Wednesday night is another CommuterDude Night Ride. Another one that starts at 9:00PM and goes till whenever we're done. Email the 'dude (email link is on the page) if you're interested. He doesn't publish the ride details in public, so RSVP with him if you're in the mood for a dark ride.

Random Tunage:
Morningwood - Nth degree
Real McCoy - Run Away

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