Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Homeward vs. Headwind

The winds were out of the south and southwest on my way home, gusting up to 30 MPH at times, and holding steadily above 20 MPH. Combined with the heat (index 102) and humidity (50%+), the extra effort to fight the wind made my ride home almost regrettable. Even now -- more than 2 hours after I got home -- my legs still ache, and these days, they don't often ache right after riding. I might feel the burn while I'm riding, and I might feel some healin' going on the next morning, but it really hurts right now.

I'm gonna see where I'm at come 5:00 tomorrow morning. I'm not going to devote to riding all the way in tomorrow yet, but I'm not going to chicken out 10 and a half hours before I leave, either.

I took a shorter route today, staying on the road and avoiding turkey creek trail. The result was about half a mile shorter and about 5 minutes saved at the expense of dodging cars. I don't think I'm going to do that again, at least in a 20 MPH headwind.

Random Tunage:
Hybrid - If i survive
Dave Matthews Band - Crash

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