Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Gaunt memorial ride

After I get off work, I'm taking the L bus home, then driving out to the Larry and Sierra Gaunt memorial bicycle ride. For those interested, it's going to be at the Longview College rec. center at 6:30 tonight. I should have photos this evening.

There will be press there, so the bigger the turnout, the better. Come and show your support for safer cycling in Kansas City! Here are some maps to help you find it.

This morning's ride was another quick paced one, about halfway between yesterday's speed and Monday's. I'm starting to get a little better at hills. :)

Random Tunage:
Inkfish - Acting out (part 2)
Brother Brown - Under the water (deep dish underpressure remix)

1 comment:

martinoffroad said...

I will be at the memorial ride tonight, I think they are expecting a huge turnout, hope to meet up with you out there.
Also I think its strange that we still haven't heard who and what charges are going to brought against the driver.

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