Friday, August 10, 2007

Commute week wrap-up

Well, let's see. This hasn't exactly been a record week for bicycling. My commuting miles were less than 80 this week (not even worth 3 full round trips) and I had about 9 miles on top of that for errands. There was no recreational cycling in this heat wave! This compares to the kind of miles I was getting before I moved to the new apartment. I'm not displeased to say the least. It's hot and I wouldn't blame anyone for completely eschewing the bike this week. I wouldn't blame anyone for calling me crazy for riding ANY distance in this stuff, either. I'm already acclimated to the heat, though. Mother nature has been ramping the temperatures up to this level for the past month and a half.

I did four one-way commutes all the way to work. I wimped out Thursday morning due to wet conditions. I did the homeward half-commute (about 7 miles) twice, a short 3-mile commute twice, and a really wimpy commute Wednesday when I not only had a broken spoke but I missed the first bus home.

All in all, not a bad week. Tonight's half-commute was a blast, and I was really, really scooting along considering the heat and the headwind.

Any Johnson Countians that work downtown and own a bike? I'm really trying to get some more movement on the Monday convoy. The weather has actually been quite pleasant in the mornings, just humid. We leave during the absolute coolest part of the day, so think of joining us! I am going to be posting further details, so keep an eye on my blog this weekend, and for the love of all things good and bikey, think about signing up and trying it out. You'll love it.

Random Tunage:
Freeloaders - So much love to give
Madonna - Get Together

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