Friday, August 31, 2007

August Recap

Wow, what a month!

August Goals and Results:

  • Take my RHR at least 3 mornings per week
    • Success - For the most part, I took my morning RHR on Mon, Wed and Fri.
  • Recover if I notice an upward trend in my RHR or other over-training signs
    • Success with the exception of the Gaunt memorial ride. My morning RHR was elevated but I still rode for a good cause
  • Carefully push harder if I feel like I'm at a training plateau.
    • I definitely pushed it a few times, especially when I noticed my RHR dropping below 50 in the morning and my legs feeling fresh.
2007 statistics (so far) at a glance:

August statistics at a glance:
Bike commutes: 22
Car commutes: 0
Commute/Errand miles: 529
Recreation Miles: 82
Total Miles: 611

August Events and Accomplishments:
I participated in a few events in August. A few Trek Store group rides, the somber memorial ride for Larry and Sierra Gaunt, and CommuterDude's Dark Side Ride. I saw a few new faces from the blogosphere this month, rolled over my Trek's 1500th mile, and had a whale of a time doing it.

Last but not least, I surpassed 200 miles in a rolling 7-day period (previous max of 191 during Bike to Work Week), did 100 miles in a 24 hour period, and pulled a metric century in one sitting, all thanks to the c'dude ride.

Looking Forward:
I don't really want any goals for September. I'll be honest. I'm to the point where I don't feel like I need them to stay motivated. I just want to have fun, stay healthy, and save some cash doing it. I'm putting some serious effort into the Monday Commuter Convoy. Details coming soon on that. I just want to have it established and working well by the end of September. We'll see how that works. Since the success of the Convoy heavily relies on other people participating, I can't really call it a personal goal. I'll give it my best, though. I'll continue to track my miles, my heart rate, and all that jazz. I'm just not making a big deal out of any specific stats next month.


amidnightrider said...

Lots of stats Noah. It's kind of like a part time job.

All of mine are posted on but I have never gone back to look at any of them. I am however, very consistent when it comes to posting them. I think there is some kind of medical name ending in "ia" for that.

Apertome said...

Wow, very impressive stats. Just looked at my August stats and they aren't pretty, but I was gone for 10 days and it was freaking hot! Hopefully, September will be better.

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