Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mmm. Rain.

They're calling for loads of rain and storms today. I'm doing the bike and bus thing with my mountain bike today. The plan is to hit the express bus a few miles away.

The good thing is that the temperatures will be all set for a really nice riding weekend, including some cooler temperatures tomorrow for the trip to work.


MRMacrum said...

Just an update. Even though the truck is mine to use, I have so far continued to commute this week.

Did a night ride last night in the rain. Greasy, slippery, slimy roots and rocks did their best to take me out. But I had a good night. Only went down once hard. I like riding in the rain when it goers my way.

Noah said...

That's awesome news, Crum!

I also have a car that's mine to use whenever I want, but it's costly to operate when you count the fact that it's $5-$8 per day for a decent parking spot anywhere near work. And if I drive it to get lunch, it's another $5-$8 - You can't keep your spot for the day. And the parking attendants watch you like a hawk. Evil bastages.

It sounds like you get to do it of your own willpower, which is great news. Keep it up!

Yokota Fritz said...

We broke the record books we had so much rain in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area. The news radio stations all reported power outages across the East Bay from the storms, with tens of thousands without power. The rainfall was all headline news.

The record rainfall we received for July? 6/100ths of an inch. Some areas on the Peninsula received as much as 12/100ths of an inch!! Yes, the reporters really called this a "storm," and this rain really did break records -- the usual rainfall for July is zero.

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