Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Interesting things

Last night, I added a little tiny bit of flair to my helmet-mounted mirror. The idea was shamelessly borrowed from the KC Bike Commuters mailing list/group, who in turn may have borrowed it from elsewhere. I was tired of presenting the world with a little gray rectangle in front of my face whenever I wear my helmet. I figured I needed to put something clever on there in a hurry.

The ride in was solo this morning. Supposedly Karen was riding. Chris is feeling crappy this week and is doing the wise thing: not making it worse by riding the bike.

This was my first commute on the road bike since last Thursday and I'm really thankful to be back on it. It's so much smoother and efficient than my mountain bike.

I saw some interesting things on the way in:

  • A southbound bike commuter I haven't seen before, near 18th street expressway at SW Blvd.
  • A cyclist about a mile ahead of me. I noticed him/her after I went under I-35 and never caught up nor lost ground. I don't think it's anyone I know.
  • A car passed me with a MO license plate that ended in "LOL"
  • A pair of Huskies peeking their heads out under a barely-open garage door near Mildred's Coffeehouse at 18th and Wyandotte or so. One was laying on its side and yawned at me as I rode by while the other one just looked at me like it wanted me to stop and play.
I saw Lorin again as I approached 13th and Baltimore. We grabbed some coffee and talked about the TdF (ugh) and my goals for August. I'm still working on those.

Random Tunage:
Bakke & Ljungqvist - Fanatic
Crash Test Dummies - Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm


Apertome said...

I like the decoration on your mirror. I still need to get one of those. Sarah and I saw a guy with a mirror the other day and he really looked like a cyborg -- you could definitely play up that image if you wanted to.

martinoffroad said...

I was never a big fan of the mirror when riding till I found these:



Now I would feel like a sitting target if I didn't have them on, alot of times other riders have no clue that I have mirrors til I point them out.
The only draw back but its very, very minor is that you have to look down somewhat to look in them.
I think they are worth the price. I have them on my other bike too.
They do have a different style for flat bars called, CityTech...the road ones are called SprinTech.

Frogman said...

RE: Tunage - I'e probably suggested tehm to you before, but check out Gus Gus. Their album Polydistortion is great, and )This Is Normal (sic) is pretty good for the most part.

Noah said...

I'll have to give them another listen. You've mentioned them before and I wasn't terribly impressed, but I'd say it was probably 5-7 years ago when you'd mentioned them to me the first time, maybe even longer. I'm thinking it maybe was on the road trip to DefCon 6. Can you believe that was darn near a decade ago?!

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