Tuesday, July 03, 2007

2 hours of riding for 4 hours of work

What a great day to spend 2 hours on the road!

My homeward commute is slightly more uphill than my trip to work. Also, the typical summer breeze out of the southwest usually gives me a headwind to deal with in the afternoon, but it's a boon on the way to work!

My homeward commute is almost always slower, or at least it requires a lot more effort to keep a good average clip. Today was no exception, but it went a lot smoother than yesterday's attempted full round-trip. My ride home was about 57 minutes rolling time and about 1 hour 7 minutes ET. I didn't reset my computer before the trip home, but my 16.7 MPH average as I pulled into the parking garage at work this morning had dropped to 15.1 average for the day by the time I got back home. We're 3 days into July and I already have 50 miles racked up. I can tell this is going to be a great month for riding!

Tomorrow, as you can imagine, I don't work. Instead, I'm going to be causing a lot of destruction. I don't make a huge deal out of being a pyromaniac, but I am definitely one. July 4th is basically my flagship holiday -- the yardstick by which all others are measured. Nothing can trump the fun associated with not only watching stuff blow up, burn, and explode but also MAKING stuff blow up, burn, and explode.

I'll try not to lose any limbs tomorrow, but I'll make no promises.

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