Monday, June 11, 2007

So much for my parking spot... Thanks!

When I arrived at work this morning, I was greeted with literally tons of stuff piled up around the only bicycle parking rack in my facility. I was able to lock up, but I had to work my way around all the things in my way. The thing to the right of my bike is a Bobcat forklift attachment. It isn't going anywhere unless a bobcat gets within inches of my bicycle.

Unfortunately, I cannot bring the bike in with me, due to "liability, access, and maintenance issues" so I wrote a nasty-gram to the general manager of the property company, and attached the photo shown above. This is the same guy who told me I couldn't bring the bike inside. We'll see if he does anything about my problems. I explained to him that I park my bike in that rack every single work day, and that it's not just superfluous space that can be used for storage.

There aren't any other bicycle racks in my facility, so it's not like I can just park somewhere else like a motorcycle or automobile can.

This isn't the first time that my rack has been cramped for space, but this is admittedly the worst it's ever been. I'm hoping that the property company can bring these kinds of incidents to a stop, or else I'll be forced to blatantly disregard their rules.

UPDATE: I received email from two people at the property management company regarding the issue. They've chewed the hide of the people responsible for piling stuff there. I guess they had to re-paint the loading dock and decided that my parking spot didn't matter over the weekend. They intended to move it back, but hadn't gotten around to it when I showed up. I'm still pretty flummoxed about the whole ordeal, though. They also said that maintenance will refrain from parking right next to the spot as well. We'll see...

Oh yes, and my shifting gremlin from the previous post has vanished after I cinched my panniers down a little more. The drive-side pannier was restricting my rear derailleur, so it wasn't anything serious.

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A Midnight Rider said...

I still get upset when bikes are banned from any buildings. Especially when they say, "liability". Such hogwash.

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