Monday, June 18, 2007

I has a lock!

So, instead of picking up a big and expensive U-Lock from a bike shop, I went lo-tech. Jeff, who lives down the street from my office, told me about a nearby hardware store. I managed to pick up a nice heavy-duty padlock and about 4 feet of chain for less than half of what I would have spent on a the cheapest of U-Locks.

As I rode in the elevator with my bike, the looks on peoples' faces were priceless.


Sirrus Rider said...
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Sirrus Rider said...

Probably as good as anything. If someone wants your bike bad enough they will find a way. I remember all the buzz and excitement when the first Kryptonite locks came out. Trumpeted as unbreakable within 4 months NYC bike thieves found a heavy handed way to compromise them. Several years later it was revealed that anyone with a disposable ball point pen could open them. This lead to a huge buyback/replacement program where all the Kryptonite locks with barrel keys were replaced with redesigned locks using more conventional keys. I still have my barrel keyed version. Because I can't justify buying another. Secondly, all my bikes are over 12 years old and all the lock needs to do is deter everyone but the absolute most determined. (Who will find a way ever if there is a lock on it or not.)

Warren T said...

A chain might come in handy.

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