Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hoofed it today

I walked the grueling 200 yards through the parking lot to the street today, and flagged the bus down. It worked this time, but I got the second bus instead of the first. It landed me downtown after 7:00, but not by much.

*cough* SOME PEOPLE *cough* think my sleep schedule is a joke. Let me tell you about last night. I think I finally schlepped my haggard carcass to the coffin around 3:00AM. There was no way I was going to be eager and willing to skip my happy ass to the curb by 5:45. I needed at least 3 hours of sleep. At least we got our mattresses and box springs set up last night, so my slumber took place on a real bed instead of some queen size balloon.

I am capable of functioning on as few as two hours of sleep per day for a short period of time. Alternatively, I can go as many as two consecutive work days without sleep, provided I'm given the opportunity to get plenty of rest before and after such a sleep-deprivation marathon.

Some great things came from yesterday's festivities. For one, my Sun Ultra 5 is finally set back up. I packed it away several weeks ago, and have been missing it ever since. It's pictured abstractly above, in whole in this photo or you may want to read my review of it here if you like nerdy hardware talk. It's kind of slow, but it does exactly what I need a workstation to do, and does it well. Next, of course, is our big (for us) television. I don't like TV too much, but my wife and I do enjoy watching movies. The bed was a welcome addition to our apartment last night, and we finally got our fish tank and microwave moved over as well. Things are coming together quite nicely at the new pad. I hope to get my new Delta Vincent Bicycle Rack hung up tonight, although my Interior Designer suggests that it gets displayed inside the storage closet, so you won't be likely to see cool bikes hanging from a wall in my living room as shown on the product's website. Once my wife and I have everything in place, I'll snap some photos.

Finally, I have a question for my readers. I don't have the time to set up a formal poll. What should I do when accounting for walking? I have a spreadsheet where I count bike commute days and miles. Keep in mind, I already do a fair amount of walking around downtown. Do I:

A) Get some fresh batteries in my pedometer and track walking miles just like I count my bike miles?

B) Ignore walking entirely, not logging any car-free commute miles if I hoof it.

Or do you have a better suggestion? Let me know!


Apertome said...

I would say dust off the pedometer, but then again, I'm a data junkie. I don't have a pedometer, but I don't do enough walking to warrant logging it.

Frogman said...

That stack of Suns and the 1U looks so lonely. Maybe they'd like a nice rack to live in. :) Heck, mine got homes yesterday. I'll have to get something setup for my new rack cabinet in my basement of now, pure, evil, as it's painted black and red.

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