Friday, May 18, 2007

Upcoming product reviews

This past week, I've put quite a few miles on my bike. I've also tested the limits of myself and my gear.

I don't get free stuff for my bike. I shop around, get stuff that looks like it'll meet my needs, and run with it. After I've used some stuff for a while, I get to form an opinion about it.

Anyhow, in the coming days and weeks, I'll work on some product reviews:

* Trek 1200 Bicycle.

* Blackburn CrossRack

* Genuine Innovations Ultraflate CO2 tire inflater

* Banjo Brothers Saddlebag Panniers

They all have some good and some bad aspects, but I put all of these things to the test this past week.


Fritz said...

Looking forward to the reviews.

My take on the Genuine Innovations inflator: It's cheap and probably the smallest/lightest weight out there, but the threaded cartridges are too expensive. SPend the money up front on a threadless inflator and save on the consumables.

Noah said...

Aha! The one I got is the one with the yellow cover. Mine takes threaded CO2 of any variety, or with the yellow cover, will take 12gr threadless.

I then went to a sporting goods store and bought a 15 pack of 12gr threadless pellet gun cartridges for the price of 2 16gr threaded cartridges at the bike shop. ;)

Fritz said...

Ah, all I was familiar with was the "Microflate" -- I didn't know they sold one for unthreaded. Just looked up the "Ultraflate" and I see it's not that much more than the Microflate. Thanks for the info.

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