Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Storms are brewing

The skies are getting darker. It never did rain last night, but it seems inevitable today. While I was getting my morning mocha, I watched as a Metro clean-up truck hosed out the bus stop shelter with a power washer. He then proceeded to blast away at the Metro bus sign/schedule, and in the process, power-washed my road bike, panniers and all.

It kind of cheesed me off, but I tossed a fresh layer of Finish Line wax lube on my drive train last night so the chain should be okay. When I got back to my bike, I was expecting to see some moisture inside the panniers but they stood up to a few seconds of high-pressure water while remaining dry inside.

So, even if it rains on my way home, my panniers will probably keep the contents from getting soaked. I've used them in light rain before, but I wasn't expecting them to withstand a pressure washer.

I'm not looking forward to my rainy commute this evening. Hopefully it clears up by the time I get off work.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The company that made those panniers should be most proud that they can stand up against even a power wash. If they had enough advertisement money, I could easily see a commercial. :-)

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