Saturday, May 05, 2007

Resting this weekend

The weather in KC wasn't too bad today. There was no rain. It was overcast, warm, and humid. Tomorrow, we're battening down the hatches for what looks to be a big ol' gully washer with the possibility for some twisters. Friday night's outbreak brought nature's wrath to southern Kansas, and there are no signs that the weather is going to let up in tornado alley any time soon.

I didn't get to ride today. I had Bike America check out my wheel. They got it fixed up as good as could be expected. The bike is usable again. Also, I trashed the stem on my spare tube trying to get it inflated with my mountain bike pump. I invested in 3 more tubes today (2 spares and one to go back in the tire) as well as a CO2 inflater. I'm working on a solution that will allow me to use my MTB pump in a pinch, without damaging the stems again. I really don't like spending money on inflating a tire. This includes $0.50 at the gas station, and it definitely includes $2 or more for 12 grams of carbon dioxide in a cute little metal canister. I'll keep it around, but I'd rather have a way to inflate my tires with just a pump.

Tomorrow will definitely be too stormy for recreational riding. The extended forecast for the week ahead isn't too bright, either, but I'll deal with it.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Sorry the weather didn't let you get out on the road yesterday but glad KC didn't get walloped like Greensburg.

Sirrus Rider said...

Sometimes, it pays just to pony up for a frame pump set up for presta. I like Zefal myself.

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