Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nice evening for grocery shopping

Photo: A nice grocery store run with the panniers. Large items went in the panniers, letting me carry a lot lighter load than usual on my back.

Have I mentioned that I love my panniers? I take them off for recreational rides, but for running errands and going to work, the extra space is really a welcome addition.

It did sprinkle a bit today, but aside from the wind, it was really nice out while I was riding. The sprinkles and cloud cover cooled it off a bit as the evening wore on. I saw plenty of commuter bikes at the bus transfer station on my way home, enjoying the nice weather as well! This evening, after supper with my wife at the college, I zipped down to the bike shop to look at potential bikes for my wife, and to check on the status of a taco'd wheel that they were truing up for my dad's Bianchi. I found a few bikes my wife might enjoy. Some of them with 3-speed Nexus drivetrains, others with more conventional setups. We're planning on taking a few out for a spin on Saturday.

After the bike shop, I came home for a while, then went back out and got some groceries as shown above. When I asked the kid to put the large stuff in the basket without sacking it, and to put the rest in my duffel, he inquired "save a... uhmmm?" as if he was expecting me to know what gets killed to produce a plastic grocery sack. I responded with "save a landfill." It's the best I could muster up.

While I enjoy the idea of conservation and don't like wasteful things, I think sometimes I must come off as a die-hard environmentalist crusader. After all, what other valid reasons are there for using such a quaint machine for transportation?


A Midnight Rider said...

You comming around ever so methodically.

I went to the cemetary last night, and after the planting, saw such a beautiful tree, I couln't resist walking up and giving it a hug.

I do enjoy your reviews. If there ever is a bike accessory category on jeopardy, you would get them all, including the daily double. 8>).

Keep them comming though, they are really worthwhile to many of us.

Noah said...

John, you crack me up.

Must... fight... urge... to... wear... lycra

Yeah, right. Mountain bike shorts (or occasionally normal shorts or heaven forbid blue jeans) and mountain bike shoes work fine on my road bike. :P

SueJ said...

I also wonder how people categorize me; which fringe are they filing me under? Economic fringe, political fringe, health nut... but it *does*, I think help people be more comfortable with my existence. My other eccentricities were hard to categorize but now I think people say "well, she is that bicycling person" and it explains my clothes that don't match, somehow :)

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