Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Lameness and coolness

No, really. This is actually lame.

All of my vehicles tags expired in April, and the schedule for renewals is such that it's truly impossible to handle it by using a bicycle and the bus. You just can't do it, and get a full day of work in. They open at 7:30, mere minutes before the last bus heads downtown, then close at 4:30, before the first evening bus from downtown can get there.

They have a "convenient" drop box, but it's behind locked doors until 7:30 AM. It's obviously meant only to be used by impatient people when there's a huge line for renewals.

I took the super-slow A bus from my usual bus stop at 6:10 in the morning, to the Johnson County offices and discovered this. I wised up and transferred to the D bus (where I'm writing this post), which will get me downtown a few minutes faster than the other bus I was riding.

Now for something that's cool! I'm sharing the bike rack on the front of the bus with a fellow bicycle commuter. I don't know if he's a frequent commuter or not, but the fact that today is supposed to be rainy tells me he's either uninformed, or somewhat dedicated.

Update: The cyclist is definitely a dedicated bike/bus commuter. I had a chat with him as we left the bus.


A Midnight Rider said...

What happens if biking becomes very popular and your the third bike?

Noah said...

I'll have to wait for the next bus, or *gasp* ride all the way downtown!

I noticed you disabled comments. Too much spam? It sounds like your gear-grinding buddy needs a Trek Lime (I'm only half joking)

I've ridden three of them. I have to admit, they're kind of fun. I would have altered how the shifting works, and coaster brakes to nothing for me, though.

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