Monday, April 02, 2007

What an evening!

I hit a bump at about 35 MPH on Nieman en route to the Trek Store. eTrex flew off, I hit the brakes and got off the road to rescue it, just in time to see it get run over by 2 different cars. Needless to say, el eTrex es no mas.

I went to CVS for a light lunch today, and grabbed a pre-ride half sandwich before going to JCCC.

From JCCC to the Trek Store was a little over 9 miles, We rode a notch under 11 miles on the group ride, and my journey homeward was 13 miles on the nose once you count a detour to the grocery store.
All of today's riding totalled 39 miles.

Since I cratered the eTrex I bought a cheapo $20 Trek bike computer for the time being. The recovery ride was fun, I'd say close to 35 people showed up. My ride home was uneventful but slow (11.5 MPH average)


A Midnight Rider said...

Lunch at CVS. YUM!

Your really piling on the miles now that the weather has improved.

Anonymous said...

Send gps unit back to garmin. I sent mine in for repair. Two weeks and $25 later new unit.

Noah said...

AMR: Well, not lunch AT CVS. Lunch FROM CVS in the form of a few cans of soup. There are all these lofts and apartments out there, but no grocery stores. What the heck gives?

Anon: I live about 6 miles from Garmin World HQ. I actually took the manual that came with my eTrex and found out exactly where they were when they took the screen shots.

I'll see if that works. Was yours broken via "end-user malfunction" like mine was?

A Midnight Rider said... do I say this politely. I saw the picture of all the bikers in the parking lot???? We need to talk about that coffee shop you go to. Do they sell donuts?

All seriousness aside. I went to the dentist today. The very expensive bridgework has to come out so the dentist can extract the tooth anchoring it because of decay.

This is getting kind of spooky. Our handle bar bag, expensive teef, IT jobs. Very spooky.

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