Monday, April 23, 2007

Trying something new today

I have to be at the data center this afternoon. The roads going to it are somewhat treacherous, and I still plan on making my Monday Night recovery ride. So, the plan is as follows:

  • After lunch, hop on the KC Metro Area Express (with the cutesy name of "MAX", although not nearly as cheesy as "The JO") and take it down to 63rd street.
  • Transfer to the eastbound 163 Metro bus.
  • Ride to a bus stop near the data center
  • Go to my training
  • Leave the data center, and ride to the nearby bus stop
  • Catch the Westbound 163 Metro bus to get me close to State Line (KS/MO)
  • Ride 63rd to Mission Road, Mission to 67th, and 67th all the way across to get close to the Trek store.
Then, it'll be my usual recovery ride and the trip homeward.

This morning was pretty dull. I had to be in before 7:00 to get a brain dump from a co-worker as he tries to integrate me into one of the many bizarre procedures we do here. Didn't have time for a Mocha or anything but I'm on my third big mug of yummy, french-pressed Nitro (a tasty, dark-roast blend that's roasted locally)

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