Thursday, April 05, 2007


Photo: Two things. My new Trek Incite 6i Cyclocomputer gadget thingy and a 14.9 MPH average on this morning's hammerfest of doom!

Okay, 14.9 MPH over three miles might not seem that fast to you guys, but I usually average about 12, maybe 12.5 on a day I'm feeling a bit feisty. Case and point, yesterday's average was 12.2 and I thought I was doing alright. There are two challenging hills in my commute. For those familiar with the Olathe, KS area, those hills are southbound Ridgeview rd right before Pineview up to Washington Elementary School, and the 127th street viaduct. I've never bothered to check the elevation or do the slope grade math.

I'm not quite sure why I felt like hammering it today. I can tell you that I pushed myself to the dizzy pre-bonk feeling going up both of those hills, and again on the last leg of my trip (seeing if going 17 or 18 MPH up the mild slope of Strang Line rd would bump my average speed to 15.0 - I failed)

Anyhow, I'm relaxing on the bus now. It's about 30 degrees outside but I basically wore the same amount of warmth I had on yesterday except the thermal base layer on my legs was nixed. Just a pair of old Dickies work pants (well, and my padded bike shorts liner underneath) covered my legs.

I do believe this evening's schedule involves the bible study at Daily Dose. By all accounts, I should be in for some good coffee, good people, a nice ride home, and 12-15 miles total for the day. Yesterday's total was 14.8 all things said and done.

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