Thursday, April 05, 2007

Fun but cold evening

I had to swing by the rental office before they closed at 6:00 today, so I ended up taking the bus to Olathe, not JCCC. Once I got done there, I rode out to JCCC via College Blvd. College during rush hour is NOT fun. I grabbed some mexican food and put it in an old pizza delivery bag that I brought along. I bungeed it to my backpack and went the rest of the way to JCCC.

After that, it was off to Daily Dose for my bible study. Temps dropped a lot once the sun went down. Next, I rode to Target for some stuff. They didn't have what I needed. I swung by the pharmacy, then home. Total, 22.6 miles for the day, and I thought it'd be 15 or so.

Nothing really exciting happened on the bike today. Tomorrow is Good Friday, so no commute. I decided that I am driving to the mall tomorrow. I've put on enough miles this week (84 since Monday, well over 100 if you go back 7 days from today). I'm very much on course to get 300 miles in this month. Assuming I take every Sunday off, I only need to average about 10 miles per day at this rate to round out the month. If I keep going the rate I'm going I could be closer to 400 miles! I won't get too carried away though. 400 miles sounds like a good May goal.

Also, one of the reasons I got back into cycling, even though I don't make too much of a big deal about it, is fitness. I'm knocking at the door of 210 pounds as of today. Although I've only lost about 20 pounds cycling, I'm losing inches in my waist, legs and belly faster than I'm losing weight. I'd like to get to 170 or so with time, but I'm not focusing on weight loss a whole lot. I've never felt like my weight is causing me a lot of problems. With time, cycling and a more active lifestyle will melt the pounds away. I'm just glad I got to it before my weight problem slapped me in the face with actual complications.


Jamie said...

Part of the reason that you're not losing weight is probably that you're gaining muscle to replace the fat. A cubic foot of muscle weighs more than a cubic foot of fat - so even though you're getting smaller, your weight isn't dropping as fast. That's a great trade-off!

I don't even know how much I weigh, I don't think weight is a good indicator of health. I prefer measurements of my waist, neck, etc.

Noah said...

Yeh, I understand that I'm probably burning fat and taking on muscle. My calves and hamstrings used to be flabby and I've noticed that they're a lot more muscular when I go to sit on my knees (for instance, doing drivetrain work in my front hallway) because I can't sit down the way I used to.

I weigh myself maybe twice a month right now. Like I said, I never felt really, terribly bad because of my weight, I just knew that it was going to present a problem so I decided to use cycling as part of my plan to get back into shape.

Enjoying the sights and sounds while packing on mile after mile on my bike, I'm far too busy to be concerned about my weight. I feel more energetic and alive now than I have in years.

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