Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Forecast: Storms, Woe, Hail, and Tribulation

It's probably not going to be that bad this afternoon, but the NWS is warning of strong storms. I'm guessing that there will be a tornado within a few hundred miles of KC. Oh noes! It looks like my friends to the north in Nebraska are getting pummeled, though. We'll see what develops this afternoon. My homeward commute might be a mile or less to get to my wife's office from the bus stop, where I may wait it out.

This morning, I had the option to really hammer it with about 11 minutes to get to the bus, or I could take it slow. I actually chose to ride slower than normal. I dropped down really low and spun with minimal leg effort up the hills and I noticed that my abs seem to really get a good workout when I take that approach. I'm not sure how I like going 5 MPH on public roads. Something seems wrong with that. My goal was to not break a sweat this morning, and to just take it easy. Sitting here, sipping coffee, I kind of like it. My knees aren't stiff, my back isn't sweaty from my backpack, etc. I may start taking this approach one day per week. Tuesdays are a good day to take it easy, as I'm usually recovering from the mile-adding adventures of Monday.

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