Monday, April 30, 2007

April Recap

My goodness, how time flies when you're on a bike!

I rode all the way home from downtown tonight, with about a 12 mile detour for the Recovery ride, netting me 37 miles or so for the day.

Total miles ridden for April: 362. In my Focus, that's about 15 gallons when you consider sitting in rush-hour stop-and-go. As we approach $3 per gallon, my bike's miles would have cost me $45 in the Focus.

Now for the real fun. I only used my car to get to work once in April, and I had to cough up $3.75 for parking that day, too! A 50 mile round trip sets me back about $6 in fuel every day I drive all the way to work. That day, I wasted about $10.

The other 18 work days this month, I used my bike and the bus. The bus costs me $15 per month. 18 days of driving the bare minimum in my Focus would have been 900 miles, $115 in gas and almost $70 in parking fees.

Do you see why I do this?!

Now, on to the recreational stuff. With a bare minimum of 6 miles per day, 18 round trips would be 108 miles. In one way or another, in the form of recreational miles and running errands, I voluntarily snuck in an additional 250+ miles this month that I didn't really have to ride.

So, what does May hold? I want to bike commute an average of more than 4 days per week, and I want to make Bike To Work week a 5-day commute week, with or without the help of the bus. That's it. I don't know that I can beat 350 miles. Maybe I can. I'm just in it for fun (and money savings)

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MRMacrum said...

As long as you keep the "fun" factor up front, you will probably hit 500 miles in some month soon. All you guys do. Then maybe 750. Commuting is nothing but a way to keep a fitness level to make the fun rides more fun. Saving money is just an unecessary but welcome perk IMO.

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