Thursday, March 08, 2007

Time for a new brain bucket

So, my last helmet was old and just a little tight on me. Now it's not only old and a little undersized, it's broken as well. I had been considering a new helmet for a while prior to my accident, but now I'm thinking more seriously about it.

Originally, I was thinking about a budget helmet like the Bell Influx or Giro Havoc, but now I'm really considering something with full-face protection.

A friend of mine pointed out the MET Parachute which appears to offer some chin and face protection without being big, heavy, and stuffy. Other, more traditional extreme-sport full-face helmets like the Specialized Deviant and Pro-tec ACE Fullface appear to be heavy, hot, and really uncomfortable, while sacrificing peripheral vision.

Right now, I'm confused. My wife wants me to get a really good helmet and she's hinted that something with full-face coverage would make her a lot more comfortable with my cycling habit. If mama ain't happy, I ain't happy.

All cyclists look like dweebs, with or without helmets, to most drivers. Is there a reason (besides fashion) that full-face helmets aren't more common? Has anyone used a good full-face helmet? Any product suggestions that are under $150? I could really use some help.


neptunecity said...

Sierra Trading Post online has been carrying closeout 661 full face BMX helmets for around $50 each. They are certainly hotter and heavier than regular bike helmets, but they do offer more protection and keep your ears warm in the winter; I'm just not sure if I'll keep using it into the summer. I originally bought mine to use ZooBombing after this one girl broke her jaw twice in two different crashes months apart, but I've been using it to commute this winter. I've seen some pretty good lightweight full face helmets for other sports like hang gliding, but I'm not sure how much ventilation they offer. A possible compromise is a hockey helmet, they offer better full coverage head and temple protection, and have a removable face guard.

Anonymous said...

My Vote is for a Samurai Armor Head piece. That way you'll scare cars into submission.

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