Thursday, March 15, 2007

That was refreshing!

Photo: me kicking back with a nice room-temperature bottle of water after doing a shakedown run. Cold water still hurts my broken teeth.

As you can see, my hybrid acquired knobbies. Bike America STILL hasn't gotten my cassette in yet. Ready to try my new pedals, I just swapped the wheels off my Sorrento. I am planning on riding to the bus tomorrow.

New gear:
Shimano MT20 shoes. They're tasteful enough to not make me look out of place in a grocery store or coffee shop, plus the cleats are really, really recessed.

Bell Solar Helmet. Really feels like it wraps around my head. I tried several different helmets today at two different bike shops. I walked to river market cyclery over lunch (2-3 mile round trip) and tried on a bunch there, and swung by Bike America after I got home. I settled for this helmet because it looks like it will last quite a while and it's comfortable yet really snug (not tight) on my head once I got it all adjusted. The color doesn't match either of my bikes, but I'm not going for a fashion statement, and my other helmet didn't match anything either.

I'm still getting used to the whole clipless thing. I made sure I had lots of practice (and got my tension dialed in) before I even thought about going outside.

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