Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New teeth, MUP for travel, and mechanical failure...

So, a wreck on I-35 northbound set my bus back about half an hour. Actually, it set my bus back about an hour, but it delayed a bus that normally passes through before I'm off work long enough that I ended up waiting half an hour to catch that one. I was late (by minutes) to my dentist appointment but I had my wife call and let them know ahead of time.

I have teeth now. Not real ones. My two front teeth look almost the same as my original teeth, but they're thick and dull-shaped, and I still can't use them for biting off chunks of food like most normal people would. They look good, but they're still very sensitive to cold.

I decided to try something I've never done before. I hopped on the Indian Creek trail, which I've only ridden a few sections of, and used it for transportation, not recreation. I used it to get me from 135st street in Olathe, up to JCCC so I could show off my teeth for my wife. No more than a mile after I've been on the trail (about 3 miles away from the dentist), I notice some grinding going on. It's not gear or chain grinding, either. It's only when the crank is under a load, not when it's spinning slower than the bike is going.

I backed off a bit, but the noise kept getting worse and worse. I could feel it through my cleats, too. I limped the bike to JCCC (about 6 miles total after I noticed the damage) and took it to my bike shop. They think it's a bottom bracket. I think they're right. We'll see what they find tomorrow, I got my bike there just before closing time.

So, tomorrow I am back on the Sorrento. Did I mention I like spares? A spare bike is a great thing to have! I just hope they have my Outlook fixed up tomorrow. It's been spoiling me lately.


A Midnight Rider said...

My road bike is going into the shop today. Yes, it is good to have two. (a spare).

The bike shop owner and I disagree on which bike is the beater though. He says it's my road bike (Giant OCR3), I say it's the one I bought from him for commuting. (Maring Belvedere).

A new one would solve that dilema, wouldn't it?

Smile. *>).

Warren T said...

So, you got used to the way the rough stumps felt and now that you have smooth, new teeth you are finding out that there is truth to the old adage:

Tooth is stranger than friction.

jeff said...

New bottom bracket = new tools! I just changed mine. Not too hard at all.

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