Monday, March 19, 2007

Lunch errands

I had to deposit a check at my bank, then swung by the library to renew one of my books, and grabbed some of their wonderful pizza for lunch. The first pic was kind of crooked but I like how it turned out.

I've never seen the other bikes at the library before. Between all the housing less than a mile away at Quality Hill, and all the lofts that are going in around here, I'd put money on these bikes belonging to people that live pretty close. If I lived downtown, I'd probably never use my car unless I had to go to the suburbs. My bike has proven time and time again that it's as fast, if not faster than a car when it comes to navigating downtown.

1 comment:

jeff said...

"If I lived downtown, I'd probably never use my car unless I had to go to the suburbs."

Heh. I live Downtown and work in the suburbs. :(

The bummer is that, even with the population going up 100% in the last couple years, places still close at 3 or 6 pm. So not that much is open when I get back downtown.

But, bike pub crawls are MUCH more fun (and do-able) Downtown then in the 'burbs.

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