Friday, March 02, 2007

I did ride...

And I was quicker than I've been in a while, despite being on the Sorrento. I was really hammering on it for a good part of the trip. It was a smidge below freezing this morning and I woke up a lot later than I wanted to, leaving me less than half an hour to get ready and get TO the bus stop in time for the last bus, which could be one reason I was riding so hard today.

I tricked out the sorrento a bit, pics forthcoming this evening. I figured I'd do it up nerdy since it was going to make an appearance at 2600. It took me till almost 2:00AM to find all the pieces that I needed to make it work. That's probably why I slept so late. Oops.

1 comment:

m said...

wow, reading about KC makes Seattle seem tropical!

btw did you see that veloroutes now has KC (MO)'s live weather now?

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