Thursday, March 01, 2007

Gah. Driving.

Menacing skies, really high winds and the chance of a wintry mix were enough reasons to drive today. My Sorrento wasn't ready to run this morning as I'd taken it apart to give it a much needed cleaning, and I didn't feel like braving any kind of snow on my slicks. I might have been able to swap wheelsets, but that would not help me with the wind.

Anyhow, I drove to the bus stop and just missed my 6:30 bus, so now I'm waiting for the next one to come along. With the 2600 meeting tomorrow, I'll probably be forced to drive downtown unless my wife can commit to meeting my group for supper after the meeting so she can take me home. We'll see how that pans out.


A Midnight Rider said...

I see the "Daily Dose" in lots of your posts. I can picture the type of place like those on "Frazier" or "Friends". PC's, WIFI, lots of newspapers and hippys. (gen x'rs now)

There have been a couple of places like that in my "hood" but they don't make it and none have lasted a year.

When wifey and I go to Portland Maine, for a weekend getaway, going to one of the eclectic coffee shops in the evening is always nice.

Noah said...

Daily Dose is a unique little gem in my area. It's a smallish place. Out front, there are big umbrellas covering tables and chairs on the patio. Right inside, you have comfortable sofas, big cozy chairs, and some traditional tables and chairs.

There are two glass-doored fridges full of sugary energy drinks, fruit juices, smoothies, and other trendy beverages (odwalla, naked, etc), Bookshelves full of books, board games, and magazines, a deli-style display case of pastries and snacks, a cigar humidor and a full coffee shop.

Tell me that's not awesome.

Then go in the back. Subdued lighting, a few loveseats, more traditional table seating and a sit-down bar specializing in Vodkas, Whiskeys, Scotches and tons of different beers.

They make excellent mixed drinks, both espresso and alcohol-based.

Throw in live music a few nights per week, free WiFi (no free public computers though), and business hours of 6:00AM - Midnight (2:00AM on weekends). That's a winner!

Warren T said...

Agreed, I enjoyed my trip there -- the only thing they lack is a decent bike rack.

A Midnight Rider said...

Ah, no wonder you guys go there so often.

The "back" room. I'm picturing a heavy wooden door with a peep hole and a secret knock to get access.

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