Saturday, March 31, 2007

224 miles for March! woot!

Yesterday, I was planning today's miles to wrap up my goal of 200 for March. I decided on riding around for a few miles on-road. Perhaps after dropping my wife off, ride to Daily Dose, hang out there for a few hours and ride back before my wife got off work. There were some mega storms so my usual paths would be far too muddy, as they all run next to various streamways.

Well around 10:00 last night, my buddy Tim e-mails me, wondering if I'm going to ride today. I told him to call me around 7:00AM to discuss plans. As it turns out, he had a route in mind that would take us from JCCC out to Olathe Lake and back for a total of over 20 miles.

It was a great time, and I still got to kick it at the Dose for a little bit before it was time to take my wife home. Click the image to go to my gallery of photos from today. There's only six or so.


A Midnight Rider said...

Wifey and I are going to dinner with friends this evening. There is a full moon and the restaurant is about four miles away.

She is pulling all the excuses out of the bag. It's night. It's too cold. I want to look nice for dinner. And the old standby, "your nuts"

A Midnight Rider said...

p.s. Insert somewhere above.
I am trying to talk her into going by bike.

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