Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Toy

I picked up an Omron heart rate monitor (with remote display on the watch) last night. I've seen the same get-up at sporting goods stores for $60 or so, and it was half that price in the pharmacy area of the grocery store.

With spring on the way, I am planning on riding a lot more and figured this would be a worthwhile investment. Plus, it's a gadget and I love gadgets.

This morning's ride was a little chilly. It was low 40's but I decided not to wear any ear cover. That was a bad idea. My core stayed plenty warm, though, through my half-unzipped windbreaker. My peak heart rate was about 170 (my MHR is 192) which I think is pretty high for the level of activity I was doing. I've always known my resting rate was pretty good. Last night after relaxing for about 5 minutes, my RHR stabilized at 51. It's my guess that it drops into the 40's while I'm asleep.

The forecast calls for rain, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do after work yet. I have to ride to JCCC after I get some supper, but from there, depending on weather, I have a few options:

  • Go to Daily Dose for some coffee, then back to JCCC about the same time my wife gets off work (then haul the bike home on the rack)

  • Go to Daily Dose for some coffee, then go home.

  • Ride straight home.

  • Put the bike on the rack and haul it home, then go back and pick up my wife a few hours later.

  • If it's really pouring, I'll probably wimp out and do the last option. I don't really feel like getting soaked, nor do I feel like ruining my MacBook if water gets in my backpack.

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