Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kind of a crazy night

Photo: A pic I snapped on my way back to downtown. It's an accurate representation of my state of mind at the time, too.

I got to JCCC and then realized that I did not have my wallet. There were only a few places it could be, and "locked in my desk at work" was one of the top candidates. I stole the wife's Explorer and headed to the office.

Fortunately, it was there in my desk. I took the opportunity to swing by Liberty Memorial and shoot some photos. I swear it's not leaning, I just didn't get the camera level.


A Midnight Rider said...

The second picture you posted is a magnificent piece of arcitecture.

You must have been going nuts till you found your wallet. I know the feeling well, from experience.

I tried to correct spelling errors by deleting the post.

Noah said...

No worries - I got rid of your old deleted posts.

What's funny is I got run out of the Liberty Memorial park.

I rode my bike to get closer to the tower, and hopped up on a ledge to get the angle. Those exposures are pretty long (okay, 8-15 seconds) and so I had to sit there, perfectly still while they exposed.

I had just hopped down off the ledge, and a Rent-A-Cop (female) approaches me:
"Stay where you are, don't move!"

Me: "Okay..."

Cop: "Bikes aren't allowed on the property, there are signs back there. And we don't allow people to just climb on stuff."

Me: "Well, if there were LIGHTS 'back there' maybe I could read the signs. I must have missed them. Sorry about climbing on the ledge, I was just trying to get a good picture."

Cop (in a ranting tone that I didn't want to listen to): "well you can't just..."

Me (interrupting, hopping on my bike): "I'm just an artist. I won't pester you any further."

Cop: "Come back here"

Whatever. What's funny is I'm not an artist. But that's okay. I'm sure "I'm just a hacker." or "I'm just a Lead Systems Programmer" or "F you!" would have bought me less time to escape.

A Midnight Rider said...

She is probably still telling her coworkers what she "should" have done to you.

She may have thought you were a bad guy in your winter get up.

Unless you had your helmet on. (The small blue one that chipcom commented on).[/joke]

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