Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Good news, but a tedious trip home

Good news: my belt clip came from Blackburn this week. No questions asked, they sent me a replacement part, so my Mars 3.0 blinky is back in business once again.

I started my journey this morning with temps in the single digits and some rather harsh wind chills. I was dressed accordingly so it wasn't much of a problem. Over lunch, I ran some errands in my dress slacks, and only a hoodie on over my dress shirt. Temps had climbed to 10 degrees. Whee. I was definitely a bit cold.

The return trip started with a grocery run, then a trip to JCCC for a while, and then homeward bound with a detour to pick up some more last-minute valentine's day goodies. Temps stayed in the low double digits and the wind chill was ferocious. From maybe an hour and a half of being outside, my face is windburned like I'd just spent the entire day on the slopes.

Despite all that, after a nice shower, I feel like a million bucks. I'm making a surprise crab leg dinner for my wife (who should be home any minute now) and I'll crack open a bit of the bubbley to go with it. :)

Now, go make some November babies (if you're married)

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A Midnight Rider said...

Sure is good when companies back up their products. No questions asked, makes them even better.

My son gets testy when I sing St. Patrick's day songs on his birthday in December. And if it wasn't for beer, he would never have been conceived. Lots and lots of beer.

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