Thursday, February 22, 2007


I was so close, and the traffic wasn't (seemingly) too bad, so I rode my bike to the new Bass Pro Shop that opened up about a mile from my apartment (a little further as the roads go). As I entered the parking lot, I saw a few things that were harbingers of things to come. "The official" Bass Pro sprint car and nascar were there for starters. The parking lot was so packed that they had to park cars across the street. What's really sad is that they had charter buses to get people across the street. I'm not talking like 8 football fields away. Maybe 1/4 mile. Buses for a 1/4 mile walk. Not golf carts pulling tram trailers or anything. Actual charter buses.

The parking lot revealed about one gun rack for every 5 vehicles or so. That's actually less than I was expecting. Once inside, it was practically one giant mullet towards the hunting and ATV areas. I can say that they have a decent selection of camping gadgets and the like. I'll have to see if the prices there are any better than Dick's Sporting Goods, but it's my guess that half the prices I saw were basically to get people in the door. It apparently worked. Yee-Haw!

I wasn't remotely tempted to buy anything. Overall, it's a neat store, but for all the fanfare they tried to work up, I was expecting more. After about 15 minutes in there, I came home and started working on more interesting stuff.

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A Midnight Rider said...

That was quite a description of the parking lot. Funny.

I don't get to see that type of person around here. Nascar is never mentioned, no mullets and no gun racks.

We do have wine racks, (for the Chardoney), and oven racks for the Quiche, though.

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