Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Swung by Bike America on my way home

I took a kind of long way home to hang out with Kevin (Manager) and Tyler at Bike America. They're the shop that does all my tune ups and they sold my the Sorrento that's been taking all sorts of brutality from me this weekend. I met Kevin when I took my cheap-ass bike in for a check up. Kevin notified me that I might as well save up for another bike, and he was right. I took a look around, and beat my department store bike to a pulp before turning back to Bike America for an affordable replacement. He Sold me the Sorrento, and not for much more than I originally paid for my first bike, and said it would last a lot longer. Boy was he right!

Tyler's trued up a wheel or two for me, and has always helped me pick out stuff that I need to do some of the other work on my bike. They also know their stuff, and don't mind giving customers pointers or helping you adjust your bike for proper fitment. This place always has great people on staff, Kevin and Tyler are the two that happened to be there tonight. I just swung by before closing time, first, to thank Kevin again for setting me up with the Sorrento that's this far proven to be bomb-proof, next to gloat a bit that I'm still riding to work despite the weather that would keep most level-headed cyclists off the road.

I asked if they'd pose with my salty, gritty, grimy frozen Sorrento for a photo op. They obliged. I can honestly say I'm lucky to have a shop of this caliber within cycling or walking distance. They've hooked me up with a new wheel, a cassette, tires, chain wax, tools, pumps, lights, and pretty much every accessory that keeps me going every day. For those of you in Johnson County, they're on the SW Corner of 119th and Black Bob in Olathe, across from the new Chick-Fil-A.

I didn't get paid for this, but I have to give credit to these guys, they're behind a lot of my cycling passion and bike durability.


TimO said...

Bike America was great for me when I got my Trek 1500 (95th and Nall store)....

I need a good sturdy cruising/tourer...hmmmm

Noah said...

The Olathe store has some nice used hybrids right now. They'd be great winter bikes, and some of them are really in top shape. Kevin usually makes sure they're tuned up before sale.

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