Monday, January 08, 2007


Photo: Parked under an obscure stairwell next to the building my new associate orientation is in.

I'm on lunch at the Central Library downtown. I found out that I get my bus pass today! The company subsidizes all but $15 of monthly bus fare, encouraging associates to take public transportation if possible. This should cut down the amount of money I'm spending on the bus by a good $50 a month or more.

Orientation and training is going well. Even though I've been working for this company for almost six months now, I am finally starting to really learn what's up with this company and its origins. It's a little on the dry side, but it isn't too bad.

I'm going to finish up my sandwich and ride on back to orientation. Then I'll hop on the bus tonight for free :) w00t!


Fritz said...

My employer participates in VTA's EcoPass program -- I have a little sticker on my work badge that is a free ride pass for all local VTA buses and light rail trains.

Unfortunately, I don't ride VTA -- I ride Caltrain and the Santa Cruz Metro Highway 17 Express. For that, my employer participates in the Commuter Check program and subsidizes a portion of my passes for those other transit providers. But only a portion -- I still shell out nearly $200/month for my monthly passes.

Noah said...

That's insane. My bus fare, although only 60 miles RT, is $3.50 daily. Times twenty-one work days per month (give or take) that rounds out to $75 per month without any discount. :(

Of course, doing what I'm doing now, I could probably be pulling a six figure income in the bay area. Of course, I would be struggling to pay rent on a 600ft^2 apartment on that income. :(

Guess I'm glad that the interview with Google didn't pan out.

Eric said...

Those JO busses are more expensive because they get less government funding. Joco doesn't have a transit tax like KCMO :(

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