Sunday, January 21, 2007

Driving tomorrow to be on the safe side

So, a bit of a recap of the illness.

Monday at 11:00PM: Stood in line with my wife so she could get the new World of Whorecraft expansion pack. Wore nothing but a hoodie and jeans for warmth. Bad idea.

Tuesday: Woke up with a bit of a sinus headache and runny nose.

Wednesday: Really bad sinus headache, slept in, drove to work

Thursday: Still kind of sick.

Friday: Feeling worse, acquired a cough in the middle of the day, started feeling really bad friday night.

Saturday: Slept almost all day, 101.2 degree fever, lungs feeling raw hating life.

Sunday: Woke up extremely sweaty which is usually a good sign, but still had a low-grade fever. Still some coughing, lungs feeling a little better, really sore ribs.

So, I'm going to play it safe tomorrow. I won't drive in, I'll just drive to the bus stop where my wife works. Besides, I need to make it home in time to watch 24 tomorrow.

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