Saturday, December 23, 2006


I think I'm free of job worries.

It looks like the company that I've been doing contract work for might be able to shoe-horn an opening out of HR for me, allowing me to come back to work pretty quickly (probably not seamless, but close enough). Hard telling exactly how it will play out, but if it works, it will help my commute, but not in the ways you'd expect.

* My recruiter is currently paying my parking spot bill. It's only $52 or something a month, but I will lose my free parking when I lose this contract.

* I will have the option to have $40 taken from my paycheck each month for a spot inside the building I would be working in (instead of across the street, uncovered like I am now)

Bus Fare:
* I currently pay $1.75 each way except on summer ozone alert days where it's $0.25 each way, which might happen once or twice a week in the hot summer months. The average 22-day work-month costs me $77 if there's no ozone alert. Still cheaper than gas.

* One of the "perks" at this company is that they pay for most of a monthly bus passport. End result: I have $15 per month taken out of my check, they cover the rest. Unlimited bus rides on the Johnson County Transit system.

So, my options are:
* Pay $15 for bus fare and $40 parking per month, and have the ability to choose driving or bi-modal commuting for $55 per month.

* Pay $40 for parking and shell out my own bus fare on days I ride the bike, and probably end up driving more.

* Pay $15, and then have to not only worry about burning gas, but finding parking ($4-$8 per day!!!) if I drive.

Sounds like paying the $15 and then having a good monetary motivator to bike commute is the winner.

I'll keep you posted. This is all pie in the sky right now.

By the way, I still didn't ride my bike today. It's been a few days, I had a killer fever last night, and I'm not riding my bike in the cold while I'm sick. This is the first time in 3 months that I've not ridden for more than 2 days straight. It's also the first time in 3 months that my knees don't ache a little. I think my legs needed the break.

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