Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Foggy Morning, great ride

It was close to freezing this morning, but I had been burning up the last few days of commuting. I decided to try a different layering strategy, so I went with a plain old t-shirt under the thin, wind/water/snow-proof outer shell of my ski coat. It was definitely more comfortable.

The dense fog this morning made me thankful for the fact that I took the time to scrub the scum off my lights and reflectors. I found some hints of rust on my chain last night while wiping it down. I went ahead and gave it a thorough cleaning and applied a fresh coat of chain wax. Looks like a good portion of yesterday's grime was actually saltwater and sand.

In other news, in a discussion with some fellow bus riders, I found out that peoples' first impression of me is that I'm eccentric, retarded, got my DL suspended, or any number of other things. Oh well.


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