Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Photo: My wife stands in line with dozens of other World of Warcraft fiends awaiting the midnight release of a new expansion pack. I was also in this line for about an hour last night. Temperature was single-digits (fahrenheit).

So on top of braving single digit temps with no more thermal protection than a hoodie sweatshirt offers, I got to bed at around 1:00AM and woke up around 5:30AM with something resembling a head cold.

I didn't have time for breakfast. Matter of fact, I'm posting this on my lunch break and this is the first thing I've eaten since about 7:00PM yesterday. It had dropped below zero degrees by the time I left home, and I was incredibly weak on the ride in. I almost "bonked*" about three times. I still managed to get to the bus stop in about 20 minutes despite taking three "breathers" where I just had to dismount and catch my breath and balance. My legs would not do as I willed. It was a frustrating ride to say the least.

So here I sit, ready to eat my lunch, my ears are ringing, I have a headache, and my nose won't stop running. Truth be told, I really want to curl up in a little ball and forget about life for a few days. I think I'll run to CVS and get some DayQuil or something.

*bonk - Cyclist slang for a condition of complete and total exhaustion, where one loses balance, breath, and in worst case, results in passing out and/or vomiting. Often caused by low blood sugar, dehydration, or not enough oxygen in the blood stream.

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